What People Say About Us

“I write to express my thanks to you all for the hard work, encouragement and positiveness you have always given E… during his time with you. When E… started with you at the age of 2 my concerns about nursery/childcare were that of any first time mother. I certainly made the right choice, both for E… and myself. The food E.. gets while he is with you gets his full approval and I know he has had a healthy, freshly prepared meal. The office staff are friendly and extremely helpful, with nothing seeming like too much trouble.
E.. settled in very quickly and I’ve had no problem with him wanting to come to nursery at all. He has made many friends both with the children and also the staff, who always seem to have the time and encouraging words for all of the children. Due to this E..’s social skills and confidence have grown so much.
As he is coming to the end of his time with you and we are preparing for school, I know that future education, which comes not only from your teaching with letters, numbers and knowledge of other cultures etc, but also from that of morals, manners and outlook on life.
I thank you for all your hard work and effort and know the E.. will miss you all.” (Letter, Ms R Taylor, July 2005)

“I felt my daughter achieved far greater than my expectations. She was reading 2/3 and some 4 letter words before she left you..….. My daughter had a fantastic time at Phoenix Montessori. I felt she was being educated very well and to a standard that I strive to continue with. I believe the Phoenix Montessori has given my daughter a wonderful basis for her education and (this) has clearly helped her move into reception with ease. Many thanks.” (Anon., Evaluation sheet, July 2005)

“We miss you! Would recommend you to anyone. Now O.. is at school we can definitely see the benefits of Montessori teaching. She is already excelling herself, especially at reading which we know has come from a positive experience of learning with you!” (Unsigned evaluation sheet, October 2005)

“I must congratulate you on your excellent nursery. As you know L.. has moved from baby room to toddler to the nursery. She has grown and developed over the years and I thank you for your contribution. You run a wonderful, friendly nursery…….” (letter, Mrs A Lim, November 2005)

“Thank you for all the care, love, kindness and teaching that you have given me since I joined the nursery when I was six months old. I will miss you all. Lots of love B…” (August 2005)

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all very much and believe that E… has benefited tremendously from being with you all.” (Letter, Mrs T Stephens, July 2006)

“… I cannot thank you enough for the kindness and support you have shown us all over difficult times. Indeed I thank you on behalf of T…. as well, for the years he spent with you. All the ‘girls’ have been fantastic with both boys and I know some of them in particular are very dear to both their hearts. We will look back fondly at all the years we have been coming to Montessori.” (Letter, Mrs K Hunt, July 2006)

“I wanted to thank you and all the staff for being so wonderful and caring. From the moment we came to look around the Nursery you have all been so nice and helpful, taking time to welcome us and explain everything. It is nice to know that we are leaving the children in a warm and caring environment and they are so happy. The staff have been great, I can’t find enough words to thank you all. We know they are in very safe hands – it’s very reassuring! (Card, K and T Thompsett, December 2006)