Meet The Team



Director: Clare, B. Ed (Hons.) Level 6, Montessori Diploma

 Attending the Gold Seal Montessori Diploma with Merit from the London Montessori Centre in 1989. Clare then went onto study at the University of East Anglia and in 1995 was awarded the degree of Bachelor of Education with Second Class Honours (Division one.). In 1996, she successfully completed a course and assessment to become an Ofsted Registered Nursery School Inspector and has undertaken many Inspections. Clare opened the Nursery School in 1984 building it into the wonderful nursery we have today. Clare has now handed over the ownership of the nursery to Charlene. With Clare’s knowledge and experience she remains an integral director of the company.



Owner: Charlene, HND in Early Childhood Studies level 4, Montessori Diploma.

Charlene joined us in May 2000. She is very gentle person and has an excellent rapport with children, staff and parents. She is also very bright and has made herself invaluable. She has recently taken over ownership of the nursery and is full of enthusiasm and good ideas. Above all she shares our philosophy of treating children with respect and putting their needs first.





Financial Manager: Elaine, RSA CLATT, IBT

Elaine joined us in March 1999 and deals with wages, billing and finance for the nursery. Also from time to time she enjoys helping the children at lunch time. Always smiling and cheerful with a sunny personality, Elaine is invaluable.


Ad0D8C3574B7ministrator: Louise, CACHE Level 3 Diploma

Louise joined in March 2005. She has worked with all age groups within the nursery including Room leader of the Fledgling’s room. Louise has worked as administrator in the office since September 2010. With a level 3 qualification Louise is often used in the rooms to cover staff if needed. Louise is married with two children, Vinnie and Roxy who attend the nursery and holiday club.



Owls Room

Deputy Manager, Room Leader, SENCO: Rebecca, B.A. Hons Early Years, Early Year Practitioner status, Montessori Level 2AD7CA53471

Rebecca did her student placement with us and since September 2004 has worked as a permanent member of staff. She is a natural with the children and they love her. She has taken the responsibility of her additional roles in her stride, with her bubbly and friendly persona staff, children and parents find her approachable and a joy to speak to.



7E2ACBD4AEMontessori Nursery Teacher, Deputy SENCO, Holiday Club Leader: Becky, BSC Psychology, Montessori Diploma

Becky studied at University of Hull specialising in educational psychology and special educational needs. She is proving popular and skillful with the children. Recently married Becky enjoys reading and socialising with friends and her new husband.




Nursery AsBC270F04CAsistant: Emma, NVQ Level 3, Montessori Level 2

Emma became a firm favourite with both children and staff when she worked with us for a year between school and university. She rejoined us in September 2001 and is a strong member of the team  and with her great knowledge of Montessori and the EYFS is very supportive to all staff and children. Emma is married with three children who all attended the nursery.





Montessori Nursery Teacher: Sarah, Montessori NVQ level 4

 Before joining us in June 2013 Sarah lived in Spain working as Montessori teacher in an English speaking School and has a good knowledge and understanding of the Montessori philosophy. Sarah is also married and has  child who attends the nursery.




41B323A455Nursery Assistant: Claire, NVQ Childcare and Education, Level 2

Claire joined the team in January 2009 as one of our butterfly staff but became a permanent member of the team in January 2012. Claire has plenty of hands on experience with having three children of her own, and uses her knowledge to help children learn and develop in all areas.





Nursery Assistant: Amy, NVQ Level 3

Amy started with us in June 2014 to cover maternity leave, but soon fell in love with the job and decided to stay with us. Newly qualified Amy is learning lots from other staff and is taking her new role in her stride. Amy is also keen to further her knowledge of children and do further training in the future. In her free time Amy enjoys spending time with her family and friends.



Nursery Assistant: Alice, Level 3 National Diploma61B404C4CE

Alice started working with us in September 2014 as maternity cover. She was then made a permanent member of staff. She has settled into the nursery well and has taken working with children in her stride. Alice is keen to further her expertise in children’s development.





Eagles Room3C66725441


Room Leader: Jo, Level 3 Diploma in Childcare and Education

Jo started with us in 2008 as a student from the College of West Anglia. She then stayed with us to become a permanent member of the team in June 2009 after completing her course. Showing good initiative and people skills Jo soon became Room Leader of the Eagles. As well as being a complete natural with the children, she is also an expert on all things technological, so we have also made her our IT Coordinator. 


Nursery Assistant: Becky-Lou, Level 3 BTEC National Diploma in Childcare and Developm4757488433ent

Becky-Lou started with us in August 2013 and has settled in well. She is popular with both children and parents and is growing lots in confidence. Becky-Lou is enthusiastic in learning about the Montessori Method. In her spare time she enjoys shopping and socialising with friends.


4766BE0495Nursery Assistant: Katie, NVQ Level 3

Katie started with us as a volunteer in August 2014, unsure of which age range of children to work with. After some experience with two year olds, found this was the age group that captured her interest. By September 2014 Katie worked for us full time as a trainee working towards her Level 3 qualification. Katie is a complete natural with the children and both children and parents are fond of her. She shows great initiative and enthusiasm when working with the children. Newly qualified Katie is a valued member of the team and has taken her new role in her stride.





Fledglings Room

Room Leader: Sarah, Level 3 Diploma in Childcare and Education, Pre-Teacher Training

Sarah joined us in July 2010 and soon proved herself to be a very valued member of the team. With her happy and friendly attitude to life she is very popular with children, staff and parents. Sarah is a married mother to two boys. When returning to work after her second child Sarah has embraced her role as Fledglings Room Leader.


Nursery Assistant: Carla, NVQ Care and Education Level 3

Carla began working with us in December 2007. She quickly proved herself as a valued member of the team and in the past has also shown good leadership skill by managing the room. Her kind manner is loved by all children. Carla has two children of her own who also attend the nursery.


0E7F42049ENursery Assistant: Michelle, NNEB Diploma Nursery Nursing

Michelle started with us as a trainee in 1999, she then left to fulfill her ambition to travel and work with children in Bulgaria. Since her return in September 2001 she has proved popular with both staff and children and is an important part of the team. She is married with three children all of which attended the nursery.


C87898441ANursery Assistant: Chris, NVQ Childcare and Education Level 2

Chris joined us in 2009 as a butterfly staff member having already gained experience working with small children. She soon became a full time member of staff in the Fledgling’s room. Chris is gentle and a real asset, well liked by all staff and children.



Nursery Assistant: Jessica, Level 3 in Childcare

Jessica joined us in 2013 and has now successfully completed her Level 3 qualification. She has grown lots in confidence and is becoming a strong member of the team. Her quiet calm nature is popular with all children and they love spending time with her. Jessica also has a little boy of her own that will be starting the nursery soon.

 Apprentice: Lauren

Lauren joined us as a student from the College of West Anglia. She has impressed us so much that she has been taken on as an apprentice working in our Fledgling’s room. She is looking forward to starting her coursework and becoming more confident looking after the under two’s.

Butterfly staff

Kelly, Level 3 in Childcare25D63544CE

Kelly started with us in November 2007 and is very popular with both children and parents. She has very good organisation skill and is a valued member of our team. Kelly has decided to become a butterfly staff member so she can spend quality time with her daughter.






Bethan has joined us as a butterfly staff member whilst she completes her apprenticeship at a local childminders. Bethan shows great initiative and has quickly settled into the nursery. We look forward to her completing her level 2.


Christine B.A Early Years Practice, Certificate in Early Years Practice level 4. NVQ Early Years Care and Education level 3, Montessori Dip. Baby and Toddler, OCN Early Years Care and Education level 3, Diploma in Child Psychology